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One of the distinctive marks of a healthy Christian spirituality is gospel-centeredness. The word “gospel” means good news. Thus, the Christian gospel is an announcement of good news which teaches that although God created humankind to live under his authority, and although humankind has rebelled against his authority and has […]

Joy in God or Joy in God’s Gifts?

Something interesting about human nature is that we tend to gravitate towards people who are like us—people with whom we have things in common. My wife and I were married in 2001. After we were married, we went to live in Chicago area. The first two couples we became friends […]

Christianity Creates Diversity

No one likes rotten fruit, but rotten fruit is the inevitable result of pride. I am including a link below to a document entitled “The Fifty Fruits of Pride.” I’m not certain about the origins of this. I think it may have come out of Sovereign Grace circles. But it’s something […]

Fifty Fruits of Pride

This article appeared in the October 15 edition of the Chanute Tribune Sadly, we are sometimes prone to cling to bad habits that impede our joy. Why is it that we often hold on to things that hinder us in our pursuit of happiness? Why do we develop unhealthy and […]

Old Habits Die Hard

This article appeared in the October 8 edition of the Chanute Tribune. Theologians seek answers to questions about God. What is God like? What is God’s purpose for humankind? What are God’s purposes for the world? How do we know about God? These are the kinds of questions to which […]

Everybody’s a Theologian

This article appeared in the September 30 edition of the Chanute Tribune.  Are American Christians typically humble or arrogant towards those with whom they disagree? Regrettably, there have been times when the latter has been true. This is something I have observed in a number of Christians’ lives, particularly my own! […]

Spiritual Pride in the Face of the Gospel

This article appeared in the September 23rd edition of the Chanute Tribune.  Therefore he said he would destroy them—had not Moses, his chosen one, stood in the breach before him, to turn away his wrath from destroying them (Psalm 106:23). Several years ago I heard a short devotion based on this […]

Who’s Standing in the Gap?

This article appeared in the September 16th edition of the Chanute Tribune. One of the things about the Christian faith that has been particularly liberating for me is that God’s love and forgiveness has freed me to begin to be honest about my failures (which are legion). Unfortunately, our natural […]

No More Nike Christianity

  The following article appeared in the September 9th edition of the Chanute Tribune. Within conservative evangelical Christianity in America, there has been a tendency to think about the gospel—the good news of what Jesus has done for sinners—almost exclusively in terms of how we become Christians. We see it […]

The Power of the Good News

This article appeared in the September 3rd edition of the Chanute Tribune. Part of the reason there are so many different interpretations of the Bible is because there are so many different ways of reading the Bible. The questions we bring to the biblical text often determine what we take […]

The Bible with God at the Center